E-filing a 1040 extension online is quick & simple.

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  • Instant approval and email notifications.

IRS Form 4868 is due by Monday, April 15th, 2019. E-file NOW!

Need more time to file your 2018 1040 return?

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Individual and joint taxpayers can e-file Personal Tax Extension Form 4868 with our service to receive an automatic 6-month extension of time to file their 1040 tax return.

Start now with IRS authorized ExpressExtension to instantly have your extension approved.

Information required to file a 1040 extension online

The following information is required in order to correctly file a 1040 Extension Online:

  • Taxpayer's name
  • Taxpayer's address
  • Taxpayer's SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Estimated amount of taxes owed.
  • Total payment of balance due, if applicable.
  • If filing jointly the same information is required from your spouse.
IRS Form 4868

About 1040extensiononline.com, the market leading e-file provider

ExpressExtension is a trusted, IRS authorized e-file provider. They lead the market by providing tax deadline solutions with easy to e-file IRS extension forms and quality service.

E-filing as extension with ExpressExtension is quick and simple. Complete your extension in a matter of minutes with our step-by-step guide.

At ExpressExtension we strive to provide excellent customer support with our dedicated team of tax experts located in Rock Hill, SC.

We provide instant email notifications for our users to let them know if the IRS has approved or rejected their extension. For an additional fee, users can receive notifications via text message or fax.

We just charge $12.95 for filing your 2018 1040 extension Form.

Advantages of filing your 1040 extension online

  • Apply from anywhere at any time.
  • The process is quick and easy.
  • E-file your extension in minutes.
  • Receive instant approval.
  • Estimate amount of Taxes Owed
  • Email notifications.

Other Supported Forms

Along with IRS Extension Form 4868, we also support,

  • Form 7004
  • Form 8868
  • Form 8809

Steps to file 1040 extension online

  • Start for free with ExpressExtension, an IRS authorized efile provider!
  • Choose with the extension type (either individual or joint filing)
  • Provide your basic information such as SSN, Name & Address
  • Enter the estimated amount of taxes owed, total payment & balance due if any
  • Review the summary of your extension form
  • Pay and transmit to the IRS

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